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Helping Energy Companies Innovate for the Future

Our ecosystem provides the visibility and insights needed to keep operations sustainable and profitable while working towards Net-Zero emission goals.

At Andium, we build technology that helps the world’s leading energy companies reach their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals through transformative innovation.

Andium Products

Today, Andium is helping some of the largest Oil and Gas organizations achieve unprecedented visibility into their ESG and sustainability initiatives with real-time monitoring of assets, powerful reporting, and advanced flaring and emissions tracking .

How it's done

Reaching Net-Zero

Reducing the amount of fugitive emissions released from operations at oil and gas wellsites is paramount for the battle against climate change.

Our flare tracking technology is designed to offer oil and gas companies an expedited path to achieving net-zero emissions goals. We achieve this by providing the tools needed to monitor flaring activity 24/7 with emissions tracking analytics and reporting, including for Methane, a gas 28 times more potent than CO2.

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46% Operations Cost Savings
65% Reduction in Emissions
  • Real-Time
  • Emissions Tracking
  • Data Analytics
  • Notifications
  • Nonintrusive
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ESG Initiative

Environmental, Social, & Corporate Governance

Purpose-led reporting. Sustainability. Corporate responsibility. Environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities. ESG.
Being responsive to stakeholders goes by many names. But one thing is clear - the changing nature of our world and the demands of our societies make it an important part of any successful energy business venture.

Increasingly today, leading companies are creating value across a broader group of stakeholders, including investors, employees, customers, and suppliers, while more thoughtfully managing societal expectations around corporate responsibility. Stakeholder groups are calling on companies to not only do more on key sustainability topics, but also to be more transparent about those efforts.

In many instances, traditional financial metrics tell only part of a company’s story. A company’s ability to demonstrate how environmental, social, and other trends are truly and functionally integrated into its strategy, operations, and long-term prospects is, and will continue to be, critical to meeting shareholders and other stakeholders information needs. ESG initiatives go beyond just doing the right thing. They support the improvement of a society’s perceptions of a company, build competitive positioning, and can tangibly increase market value. We’ve noted that a well-executed and well-communicated ESG strategy often creates intrinsic value by appropriately managing key risks and cultivating opportunities. And, if a company is transparent about how it is addressing stakeholder ESG interests, market value often increases over time.

It’s time. ESG is here to stay. We help you operationalize it.

Our Products

The Andium ecosystem helps increase efficiency and sustainability. Our operating system brings a new level of local intelligence, flexibility, and security to onsite devices that allow users to manage their wellsite assets like never before.

With the world’s first true end-to-end IIoT platform, we offer an ecosystem based on automated remote monitoring and reporting capabilities. It provides the next generation of transparency without the need for heavy infrastructure or IT. Increased site visibility combined with reduced time onsite, manual labor, and human error, result in significant cost and time savings.

Andium Tank Telemetry operates in a nonintrusive way that doesn’t require opening the thief hatch. Visualize the oil, water, and emulsion levels within their above-ground storage tanks in real-time.

Our Advanced Object Detection allows authorized personnel to see all activity taking place at the wellhead and be notified whenever specified events occur, such as a hauler truck or personnel arriving on site.

Andium Truck WiFi enables field technicians to remain connected while at the wellhead and on the road, keeping communications open, even making video teleconferencing possible whenever an issue occurs onsite.

Press Release:

Andium Secures $15 Million in Series A Funding Round Led by OGCI Climate Investments

Accelerates Deployment of Andium’s Next Generation IIOT Remote Monitoring Capabilities Focused on Reducing Emissions Across the Oil and Gas Sector.

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Our Mission

At Andium, we empower leaders to bring meaningful change to their companies and industries through the novel tools needed to truly digitize and transform successful operation.

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