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Andium’s technology empowers users to apply the power of the IIoT revolution to address the unique challenges of industrial environments.

Introduction to Andium

The Andium Operating System (OS) runs on low footprint hardware, bringing an unprecedented level of local intelligence, flexibility and security to onsite devices.

Andium’s software is hardware agnostic, allowing customers to leverage the hardware that best meets their needs.

Innovative Software & Hardware

Each device provides a solution that allows users to conduct remote tank telemetry, flare tracking or wellsite monitoring like never before.

Andium Cloud & Apps

Storage for all of your data, and APIs to easily integrate with other systems.

Andium Flare Tracking

The Solution for Tracking Flaring and Venting

Andium Flare Tracking allows clients to track any excessive flaring and/or the occurrence of black smoke emissions. Operators can now mitigate unnecessary emissions more quickly, stay in compliance with regulatory standards, and see significant cost-savings by avoiding fines and eliminating the need for internal or service company personnel to perform manual flare checks.

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Andium Advanced Object Detection

The Smartest Object Detection in the Industry

Andium Advanced Object Detection leverages AI-enabled object detection to monitor for the arrival of personnel, hauler trucks, or other items of interest to a site or facility. The system can also detect major anomalies, such as an onsite fire, enabling more rapid responses when issues arise. Detection-based monitoring drastically reduces data fees associated with false motion triggers found in legacy surveillance solutions and the product's AI can synchronize with hauling schedules and custom events that clients need to see.

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Andium Tank Telemetry

The Future of Remote Fluid Management

A no-touch solution for remotely monitoring oil, water and emulsion layer levels inside multiple above ground storage tanks simultaneously, allowing customers to drastically reduce site visits, increase safety, and optimize hauler processes.

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Andium Truck WiFiTM

Providing personnel with high-speed connectivity and communication capabilities in even the most remote areas.

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Andium Cloud Dashboard

A flexible user dashboard that allows personnel to view the onsite data they care about, anytime and anywhere.

Andium Mobile

The Andium Mobile App provides users with a holistic view of their wellsite operations. For the first time, users can see exactly what’s happening at any of their wellsites at any given time. Users can also be alerted on their mobile device whenever specific events take place; like a full tank, a fire, or unauthorized personnel arriving on site without the false positives - allowing users to focus on the things that matter to them.

Andium app screenshot showing Tank Telemetry halo

Remote Insight

Andium app screenshot showing Tank Telemetry halo data & reports

Data & Reports

Tank Telemetry

Search for full tanks with ease and be notified when tank levels reach specified thresholds or simply search for specific wellsites from the search menu. Fluid management has never been this efficient.

Andium app screenshot showing Flare Monitoring halo

Flare Monitoring

Flare Monitoring

Quickly find the wellsites that are producing fugitive emissions by searching for key words like ‘Black Smoke’ and be alerted when flaring occurs. Flare tracking has never been easier!

Andium app screenshot showing Object Detection halo

Object Detection

Advanced Object Detection

Find exactly when personnel, vehicles, and events that need your attention take place at your wellsites. This is the perfect solution for site surveillance that is accessible from your mobile device without the false positives.

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Our unique foundation is an operating system that runs on low footprint hardware, bringing a level of local intelligence, flexibility and security to onsite devices like never before.

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