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Make more informed fluid management decisions with the visualization of oil, water and emulsion layer levels inside multiple above ground storage tanks.

Tank Telemetry

For the first time, Andium clients can remotely visualize the oil, water and emulsion layer levels inside multiple above ground storage tanks to make more informed decisions related to fluid management at a competitive price to existing sensors in the market. The resulting event-driven data can then be used to populate dashboard tools for decision-makers and service companies.

Why Choose Andium?

As any serious leader in the O&G space will attest, effective fluid management is critical to maximizing value on wellsites. Often, these sites do not generate enough revenue to justify costly guided wave radar tank sensors. But the time, effort and safety considerations associated with traditional manual tank gauging cannot be discounted either. With Andium Tank Telemetry, clients can remotely visualize their oil, water and emulsion levels in real time, saving both time and money. Andium Tank Telemetry is also a safer approach by eliminating manual gauging or the need to perform maintenance on in-tank sensors, as Andium's no-touch solution allows personnel to maintain a safe distance from critical equipment.

  • Remote Tank Telemetry monitoring
  • Synchronize Tank levels with hauling schedules
  • Cost Effective Pricing and Easy Installation
  • Andium On-Board Operating System for Customization and Remote Updates
  • Customizable Real-Time Event Driven Identification and Notification System
  • Andium Dashboard and Cloud Integration
  • Supports Various Camera Types Based on Client Needs
  • Reduced Costs Through Locally Computed and Stored Events
  • Third-Party System Integrations

Optimized Hauler Schedules

Ensure your contracted haulers are scheduled to remove and transport your liquids at the right time based on tank level data. Track that the proper amounts were removed with technology beyond traditional methods.

Remote Dashboarding

Camera data collected in the field is securely transmitted to Andium’s flexible user dashboard using compact and reliable cellular communications. Andium’s web-based dashboard allows clients to gain a holistic view of site activity. In addition, Andium’s flexible API supports seamless data integration with customer’s existing systems.

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