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Our flare tracking system allows our customers to mitigate unnecessary and excessive flaring as well as the occurrence of black smoke emissions more quickly while staying in compliance with regulatory standards.

Andium Flare Tracking

Andium Flare Tracking allows clients to track any excessive flaring and be alerted immediately to black smoke or a pilot light outage. Operators can now mitigate unnecessary emissions and potential gas leaks more quickly, stay in compliance with regulatory standards, and see significant cost-savings by avoiding fines and eliminating the need for internal or service company personnel to perform manual flare checks.

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Flaring and black smoke emission tracking
Cost-savings associated with fines against regulatory standards
Cost Effective Pricing and Easy Installation
Andium On-Board Operating System for Customization and Remote Updates
Customizable Real-Time Event Driven Identification and Notification System
Andium Dashboard and Cloud Integration
Supports Various Camera Types Based on Client Needs
Reduced Costs Through Locally Computed and Stored Events
Third-Party System Integrations

Remote Dashboarding

Camera data collected in the field is securely transmitted to Andium’s flexible user dashboard using compact and reliable cellular communications. Andium’s web-based dashboard allows clients to gain a holistic view of site activity. In addition, Andium’s flexible API supports seamless data integration with customer’s existing systems.

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