Harness the power of the IoT at every level.


These nodes might be small but they sure do pack a punch! With extensive features including the ability to run multiple applications offline, public key security, flexible networking and data logic control, the AndiumNode truly puts the “smart” in smart device. Easily deploy your apps to these low-powered embedded devices and watch how they can transform your world.


The AndiumEdge serves as the ground truth for all of your devices, ensuring that your entire stack stays synchronized and performs to the best of its capabilities, whether your solution is stand-alone or cloud connected.


Our iOS and Android offerings allow you to easily connect on-the-go. As phones become increasingly central to our lives, AndiumMobile provides you the access and management capabilities you need right from the palm of your hand.


Our Cloud platform is your window into every aspect of your IoT solution. Features include device, user, integration and security management, as well as data analytics. Whether you are building, deploying, or supporting your solution, the AndiumCloud has you covered.

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