Building Management

Bringing the data to building management

Today's Problem

As building management systems (BMSs) become increasingly sophisticated, they continue to be underutilized because they lack the data needed for intelligent decision making. Despite all of the complex integration across a BMS’s components, from advanced boilers and chillers to air scrubbers, the real-time data needed to truly optimize these systems rarely exists.

Implementing even the simplest of sensors for data collection requires complex, time consuming and expensive processes, players and infrastructure. That is, until now.

The Andium Solution

Andium’s initial product offering is a highly scalable building management solution that provides the missing link needed to truly make our buildings smarter.

With Andium, you can simply deploy inexpensive, secure, wireless sensors throughout a building to collect any type of data desired to improve a building's operations. The implementation is as easy as sticking a wireless sensor device on the wall, bypassing the need for expensive integration.

True Flexibility

Once implemented, you can also update your devices and applications wirelessly and painlessly like a smartphone, as well as add new sensors as needed, rather than having to undertake an entirely new implementation just to add a single function. Andium can push updates to devices based on conclusions from data analysis and continually create new ways to optimize building operations with almost no overhead. It allows functions ranging from measuring real time carbon dioxide (CO2) and occupancy, to lowering blinds during periods of high light intensity. Helping our customers meet new building standards including the LEED and WELL Living standards, Andium can ensure compliance and even advise on solutions to better your building.

True Security

Our military grade security encrypts data all the way down to the device level. With the vast amount of data processed and stored in systems today, security has never been more important. The Andium platform never sacrifices on security – it was designed and built from the ground up with end-to-end encryption using NIST compliant industry standards. With Andium you can be sure that no one will be able to access your data without your permission.

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