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Andium is a revolutionary software platform that brings the intelligence of modern computing to devices as small as your fingernail, providing a level of technological sophistication previously unavailable in such cost-effective and power-efficient hardware


It all started with the invention of a GPS solar-powered tracking device. Customers loved it, but each required at least some customization for it to fit their needs. The problem wasn’t focus – it was flexibility. The embedded development needed to tailor a device for even one customer was too extensive to be cost-effective. We realized that customers needed the tools to customize their own devices to suit their needs and after scouring the globe for a solution, we realized we just had to build our own.


Andium enables businesses to customize the smallest of hardware to easily collect, communicate and make sense of their data. We bring full stack support to the Internet of Things.


Jory Schwach

Founder & CEO

Jory has always focused on solving the most challenging of problems from repairing computers as a young boy to inventing an advanced solar-GPS device fresh out of college. Upon realizing the challenges that large industrial players faced in adopting rapidly evolving IoT technologies, Jory combined his passion with his extensive engineering, data flow theory and machine technology experience and founded Andium, the world's first true Enterprise IoT platform, forever changing the industry.

Ari Nielsen


A native of the Northeast just south of a Canadian accent, Ari brings a passion for problem solving, team unity and focused leadership. Cultivated from his time in Healthcare IT, Ari has managed multiple teams and hundreds of dedicated individuals while implementing software systems for some of the largest hospital systems in the US. Now running day-to-day operations for Andium, Ari has built a versatile team working to solve cross-industry problems.

Odd Harald Hauge


Over the last few decades, Odd has played an important role in too many companies to list, from founding and eventually selling Nettavision to TV2, to his current board advisory work with Nordic Semiconductor. Odd's strength and leadership is evident not only in his track record as a businessman, but also in his nomination for the most interesting man in the world. In addition to being one of only 13 people to trek across both the North and South Pole, he has climbed Mount Everest, traveled as a journalist with the Norwegian Soccer team and published a dozen books.

Tom Miglis


Tom is no ordinary executive. As the CIO for Salomon Brothers, Banker's Trust and most recently Citadel, Tom forged his own path by leveraging technology to transform his industry. Recognized as one of the top Chief Information Officers on Wall Street by Wall Street and Technology Magazine, Tom is now using his experience to help Andium realize the full potential of its new technology.

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